Best Tactical Jackets

The tactical jacket is a popular choice for outdoor activities.

Demi-season tactical jackets are an ideal find for those who love active types of recreation. They came into fashion thanks to the punk movement, although in the first years after their appearance they were not very popular.

Demi-season tactical jackets

Now tactical jackets are very often bought by hunters, campers, fishermen, tourists and other connoisseurs of outdoor activities and sports. Unremarkable and practical jackets of this type are bought for expeditions, hiking trips and even participation in military operations.


Tactical jackets are made of lightweight, but, at the same time, quite dense softshell. This material is famous, first of all, for its good protection from wind and precipitation. Additional impregnation makes this material water-repellent. With regular washing, the detergent may wash off and the jacket will lose its water repellency. But you can restore them just by using a special spray, which is sold in sports and camping equipment stores.

The inside of the jacket is covered with a windbreak, which is an added plus. The same placket also goes out, covering part of the collar. This protects the chin and neck from chafing as the lining itself is very soft.

Also, many models have additional layers: membrane, fleece and an additional waterproof layer. But such jackets, as a rule, are more expensive than cheap Chinese and domestic counterparts.

Material properties – Waterproof

As already mentioned, the material from which the jacket is made is impregnated with a special water-repellent compound. Due to this, if you get caught in the rain in such a jacket, you will not get wet. But wandering around under the downpour in it, nevertheless, is not worth it, since water-repellent impregnation will not save you from heavy precipitation.

tactical jacket

Material properties – Airing

The material used when sewing a tactical jacket must certainly “breathe”. The breathable fabric keeps you comfortable whatever the weather. In summer you won’t sweat in such a jacket, and in winter it will protect you from frost, keeping enough warmth inside.


Another important point is the durability of the jacket and its durability. A quality tactical jacket will serve you for more than one season. Durable seams, good fittings and heavyweight fabric will stay the same even after several outdoor trips.


A tactical jacket is very convenient to take with you on a hike. When folded, it does not take up much space and easily fits into any backpack. Jackets of this type are usually equipped with a hood, but if it gets in your way, it can always be stowed away in the collar. The sleeves of the jacket are fixed with special Velcro so that nothing will hinder you and hinder your movements.

Top 5 Tactical Jackets

Among the many jackets presented on American and Chinese sites, it is worth highlighting a few that differ in really good quality and pleasant appearance.

Initially, tactical jackets were designed as multi-functional clothing. They were usually olive green and looked like worn military or work clothes.

But over time, tactical jackets began to gain popularity – largely thanks to the punk movement, whose supporters preferred military-style clothing. Thus, tactical jackets became fashionable, and well-known manufacturers began to add more style and sophistication to their designs.

Today you have the opportunity to purchase trendy outerwear – tactical jackets that are essential for hunting, expeditions in extreme conditions, camping, hiking and paramilitary operations. These jackets can accommodate a large number of military and other accessories, you just have to choose which of them you need.

We have selected 5 models of tactical jackets for prudent people who value functionality in clothing – for survival in difficult situations, self-defense, sports. However, the attractive design makes these jackets suitable for everyone else. The five best jackets on our list can be worn at any time of the year – as winter outerwear, during summer battles, in bad weather during the hunting season.

#1 5.11 Tactical


This jacket is designed for the cold season. It has become the gold standard among paratroopers in both the military and paramilitary units. This becomes clear when you put it on. Side zippers for ventilation look harmless enough, but they allow you to quickly get your weapon at any time.

Inside there is a detachable fleece jacket with detachable sleeves – this provides the hands with freedom of movement and allows you to make the jacket less warm without changing its silhouette. A secret pocket for documents can hide all the most valuable. Although, if robbers attack you, they will certainly want to grab your jacket along with the cash.

#2 Arc’teryx Combat

The main advantage of this jacket is its lightness. It provides reliable protection and water resistance, but lacks good ventilation.

The jacket is made of durable Tweave Durastretch fabric, which allows you to create a protective shell around the body – it increases wear resistance; protects from snags, twigs and traps; and also prevents moisture from getting inside.

Zippers on the pockets allow air to pass through for ventilation, while all other zippers and Velcro fasteners provide secure storage and quick access to them even when blindfolded.

#3 Jacket Vertx

The combination of two types of nylon – 40D and Cordura, this is a “double blow” from the firm Vertx. This jacket is a must have for any serious hunter or survival expedition enthusiast.

Lots of large pockets make it possible to store all the things you might need – protein bars for a long hike, or extra ammo and campfire supplies if you’re heading for a covert operation.

Camouflage, durability, functionality – that’s what a true professional needs to work in enemy territory.

#4 Tru-Spec 24-7 Jacket

Wind and waterproof materials – nylon and spandex, provide lightness, mobility and a snug fit – streamlined. Thanks to these qualities, the jacket is perfect for sports, whether it’s just running or racing with obstacles.

Large pockets at the front and back can accommodate many essential items. Note, however, that full pockets will slow down and restrict movement.

The ability to wear this jacket with a bulletproof vest, as well as with a holster (invisible to others) makes it indispensable for serious work.

#5 Under Armor Jacket

The product looks like a typical tactical jacket. The Under Armor brand has long been the epitome of style and function in the sportswear world. Despite this, the company is constantly developing new types of clothing, such as this thin tactical jacket.

It may well be mistaken for ordinary everyday clothes. Under the outer layer in the upper part of the jacket and on the sleeves there is a layer of Cordura nylon reinforced with rep.

All seams are securely glued. The branded fabric from which the jacket is sewn has a vapor permeability of 10,000 g / m2 and a water resistance of 10,000 mm. Art. The soft lining is able to retain and reflect the heat emanating from the body, so you will never get cold.

In addition, this fabric, thanks to a special technology, can remove excess moisture to the outside. Zip pockets provide quick and discreet access to the holster – this makes the jacket really cool despite its deceptively simple style.

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