Best Tactical Clothing Brands

Outdoor activities, tourism, parachuting or paintball are becoming more and more popular every day. Fans of extreme adventures and tactical games have become as active users of unique overalls as law enforcement officers or military personnel. The tactical uniform was appreciated for its quality, convenience and functionality, therefore it has become widely used by tourists, fishermen, hunters, athletes, as well as fans of thrilling impressions. The editorial staff of the YNashla website offers you an overview of the best brands of tactical clothing for 2021.

What are tactical clothing?

tactical clothing

This concept characterizes equipment designed for the military, rescuers, and military personnel. Such clothes are also called military. Its main positive qualities are: specific cut, functional details, material strength, wear-resistant fabric. And thanks to these characteristics, tactical clothing has become popular not only among law enforcement officers, firefighters, but also extreme sportsmen, fishermen, tourists, hunters, bikers. The cut and details of tactical equipment, after numerous modifications, have been improved to help achieve the set goal, regardless of external factors and conditions. Clothing fits comfortably on the figure, while not holding down movements, allows you to move silently, as well as overcome obstacles. The multi-layering of special fabrics creates a comfortable microclimate, protects against cold and wind.

Elements of tactical clothing are divided into the following elements:

  • Outerwear, represented by a jacket, parka, raincoat, overalls, vest, trousers, insulated pants; as well as a T-shirt, shirt, shorts, jacket, sweater, thermal underwear, socks.
  • A headdress, which can be a cap, hat, baseball cap.
  • Additional details in the form of a belt, braces, gloves, insoles, etc.

The main and main advantage of tactical clothing is convenience and versatility. The neutral style hides the occupation, as well as the profession of a person. At the same time, in an emergency situation, for example, hand-to-hand combat, pursuit races, uniforms help to confidently complete the task and achieve the goal.

Why is tactical clothing popular?

Tactical clothing is fundamentally different from the usual. It is a unique combination of a military uniform with a civilian style. If a person loves convenience, comfort, freedom of movement, combined with practicality, as well as the strength of the fabric, this is his style. The models are famous for their ergonomics, ease of maintenance, and functionality. The products are popular with security agencies, paramilitary games centers, fishermen and hunters.

  • a large number of functional pockets;

  • the pockets are conveniently located, which contributes to the quick removal of the desired item;

  • modern lightweight insulation that regulates heat regulation;

  • durable top layer of fabric;

  • effective protection from wind and cold;

  • water-repellent fabric impregnation;

  • camouflage protective colors;

  • does not require special care;

  • the presence of ventilation pockets;

  • many additional elements;

  • it is possible to choose a suit according to the season.

  • winter suits can create a greenhouse effect;
  • the clothes are not suitable for indoor wear;
  • specificity of products;
  • often the price is too high.

Tactical clothing: features

Jackets, parkas, as well as overalls with trousers are sewn from materials with a high degree of heat regulation. They keep heat well, quickly remove excess moisture. The products have special seals in the elbows and knees. At the same time, the hammers weigh little, are easily erased, and dry quickly. They differ from ordinary clothes in wear resistance, a large number of pockets, the presence of additional parts (hood, visor, etc.).

Sweaters, shirts or tunics are equipped with additional pockets. The trousers have loops on which you can attach small improvised items.

Tactical T-shirts or T-shirts are popular due to the quality of the material, original symbols, and convenience. They are worn not only during tactical games, but are also worn every day.

tactical jackets

Hats, caps, bandanas and other hats are made in military style using durable natural materials in accordance with the stated purpose.

Thermal underwear for tactical purposes has a high thermoregulatory quality. Quick removal of moisture, as well as heat retention are the main characteristics of underwear.

Thermal underwear

Gloves, like outerwear, are made of durable material. But they have inserts that prevent slipping, as well as fixing Velcro. Gloves should fit well in the palm of your hand.

Thermal socks are an equally important part of tactical equipment. Thermoregulatory properties help feet stay dry and stay warm at low temperatures

Additional accessories in the form of insoles, buckles, belts are distinguished by increased strength of materials, ease of use, functionality.

TOP 12 Tactical Pants

Best Tactical Clothes Brands

#1 Patriot

This is a group of companies producing special clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment, popular among buyers worldwide. The manufacturer has its own sewing factories, has established itself as an optimal ratio of price and quality of products. Additional services are offered to consumers, such as custom tailoring, logo printing, price discounts. The products are released to the market after passing strict controls. They are widely used for outdoor activities, fishing, hunting.

  • high wear resistance;
  • tailoring in compliance with the size range;
  • the ability to make a special order;
  • availability of custom tailoring services;
  • selection of models by protection class;
  • hypoallergenic products;
  • a wide range of products;
  • functionality of suits;
  • availability of additional accessories.
  • there are fakes.

#2 Formex

Manufacturer of camouflage clothing for special services, as well as winter and summer tactical kits for tourists. Thanks to the elastic fabric, the suits are convenient to use even as a work uniform, and not only for fishing and hunting. Winter options are insulated with a three-layer thermal insulating spunbond, which makes them very warm, but at the same time lightweight.

  • use of modern technologies in production;
  • the possibility of individual tailoring;
  • effective protection of winter suits even in severe frosts;
  • summer models are sewn from natural materials;
  • simplicity of cut;
  • free, not hindering the movement of sewing;
  • selection of models by cut, style;
  • the use of different fabrics;
  • wide size range;
  • hypoallergenic.
  • winter models are made of synthetics;
  • lack of choice of colors;
  • high price.

#3 Mil-tec


German quality for a wide range of buyers. The company sews paramilitary uniforms, but is popular in the market for military-style models, sets of tourist equipment, tactical suits. The company is considered a major supplier and is known in many countries.

  • use of innovative developments;
  • the style of the models;
  • high quality products;
  • a wide range of goods;
  • perfect fit;
  • strict quality control of manufactured products;
  • selection of stylized models of military units from different countries.
  • a large number of fakes.

#4 Helikon-Tex


Polish brand of high-quality military uniform, which is popular among military personnel, law enforcement officers, tourists, as well as extreme sportsmen. The suits are suitable for both outdoor activities and everyday use.

  • sewing products in accordance with the size range;
  • comfortable fit, both for tactical purposes and everyday wear;
  • is in high demand;
  • a wide range of products;
  • stylish design;
  • the possibility of individual tailoring.
  • high price.

#5 5.11 Tactical

An American brand known for its quality tactical wardrobe manufacturer. It is especially in great demand among lovers of mountain tourism, since the uniform was mainly made for rock climbers. But the products are also used by military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officers, athletes, fans of outdoor activities. Practical, comfortable, functional trousers from 5.11 Tactical are a versatile product, the choice of a wide range of users.

  • use of high quality materials;
  • individual tailoring, taking into account the interests of consumers;
  • well thought-out cut;
  • a wide range of goods for any season;
  • the use of different types of fabrics;
  • increased tissue strength;
  • the presence of wrinkle-free models;
  • there are products with impregnation that protects against moisture;
  • suitable for everyday wear;
  • a differentiated approach that allows you to choose the right form for a specific type of activity;
  • acceptable price.
  • none

#6 Chameleon

Manufacturer of modern clothing for people involved in hunting, tourism, airsoft, as well as those working in law enforcement agencies. Tactical jackets of the Chameleon company are recognized as one of the best and are in great demand.

  • manufacturing of products using innovative technologies;
  • high rate of functionality;
  • a wide range of products;
  • tailoring in accordance with quality standards;
  • increased level of strength of materials;
  • practicality, durability.
  • the price is above average.

#7 Rothco

American brand, a leader in the supply of special clothing for the US military. Known for the practicality of clothing, is in demand among hunters, as well as fans of military style. Suitable for use in hiking and extreme conditions as well as in everyday life. Tactical models do not copy the paramilitary uniform, but fully comply with the requirements for workwear.

  • comfortable classic cut combined with modern style;
  • military quality factor of materials;
  • suitable for both men and women;
  • the demand for models among young people;
  • long service life of products;
  • withstands long journeys regardless of natural factors;
  • there are models with “digital camouflage”.
  • high price.

#8 Blackhawk

American brand, manufacturer of equipment for military units, US police officers, as well as people who are accustomed to overcome the difficulties of extreme recreation or special assignments. The company was founded by one of the members of a secret division called “Navy Seals”, so it is not difficult to guess that the quality of the products is robust and practical, so valued among the special services.

  • high quality indicator;
  • originality of products;
  • reliability;
  • strength of materials;
  • a wide range of goods;
  • suitable for any landscape conditions;
  • the price corresponds to the quality.
  • the price is above average;
  • a lot of fakes.


Greek brand, one of the leaders in the production of tactical clothing. The company produces sets of paramilitary uniforms, special suits for tourists. Products in the military style of this company are ergonomic, comfortable, stylish. They look good in everyday life, are convenient for hiking, for tactical games.

  • technological equipment;
  • high standard quality;
  • modernity of models;
  • aesthetics of tailoring;
  • the use of membrane tissues;
  • functionality of models;
  • little weight;
  • practicality;
  • good breathability;
  • long service life;
  • ease of care.
  • expensive.

What should be kept in mind when choosing clothes?

In order not to make a mistake in the model, and also not to overpay for unnecessary details, you must remember that:

  • in case of active use, the functionality of the thing, a decent look, a long service life will help to ensure knee pads and elbow pads; they can be metal plastics or fabric seals;
    in the offseason or winter, experts recommend taking with you combat style kits with insulation; in them, heat will be retained throughout the body;
    winter insulated pants should be practical, not interfere with free movement;
  • when buying a thing, you must definitely try it on; check the presence of functional pockets, ease of use (there are special models for left-handers, which are not convenient for right-handers to use);
  • be sure to pay attention to whether there is a pocket for a phone or a walkie-talkie, as well as a waterproof pocket for storing documents;
  • the practicality of clothes also depends on the system of fasteners: zippers and Velcro are easy to use, it is more difficult to replace them on a hike if they are out of order; professionals believe that buttons last longer and are easy to replace.


Tactical clothing is a unique wardrobe option for people who are fond of tourism, fishing, hunting, or simply prefer outdoor recreation to the bustle of the city. At the same time, it can be worn in everyday life, especially if the main work is related to physical labor, service in the authorities, and the fulfillment of the assigned tasks of management. Stylish design, comfortable fit, versatility, strength and practicality combined with durability, affordable price – this is not a complete list of distinctive features that guarantee the best brands of tactical clothing for 2021.

TOP 10 Tactical Pants

How to Choose Tactical Pants

best tactical pants

Planning to buy a new pair of tactical pants? With the abundance of styles, fabric options and features available, the choices can seem endless. You need to focus on four main points.

Types of Tactical Pants

#1 Overt Tactical Pants

Open tactical pants mimic military uniforms with combat features such as deep cargo pockets for easy storage and carrying. They are very similar to the BDU pants, the legendary combat uniform worn in combat until the 80s. If functionality is a priority, then open tactical pants are your speed. Ample storage space and dedicated pockets make this style perfect for outdoor walks, workouts, and combat where performance is paramount.

Overt Tactical Pants

#2 Covert Tactical Pants

When tactical pants became associated with law enforcement, their wearers lost the tactical advantage of not being recognized as weapon carriers. Federal agents and undercover officers needed a special ability to go unnoticed. Tactical brands evolved to meet this need and soon began developing hidden designs to complement their explicit styles already on the market.

#3 Tactical jeans


Tactical jeans are another step forward in a discreet look. These tactical pants will look great at home outdoors, on a shooting range, or even indoors on a quiet day. This denim combines ccw functionality with an unassuming look.



Ambulance personnel need pants that can withstand their hard work. EMS pants use special compartments for medical instruments and other necessary equipment.

Characteristics Of Tactical Pants

#1 Pockets


Pockets are the hallmark of any pair of tactical pants. Over the years of innovation, the number of pocket types and their functionality has increased. Below, we identify the most popular pocket designs as well as typical use cases and associated benefits.

  • Knife Pockets: Most premium tactical pants have a pocket specifically designed for a pocket knife. These pockets can be distinguished by their special characteristics, such as a narrow, long shape and a reinforced bottom with flat edges. Many have double-stitched holes to support the weight of folding knives with a built-in clip.
  • Cargo Pockets: A trademark of the original tactical pants, cargo pockets have become a staple choice due to the optimal storage space they provide.
  • Hidden Pockets: Just because a pocket is not a cargo pocket does not mean that it is not tactical. As hidden styles gained in popularity, so did the preference for low-key pockets. Many of them are hidden in the side seams, behind other pockets and inside the waistband, allowing sensitive items to be hidden away.

Tactical Pants pockets

  • Magazine Pockets: Gun enthusiasts, airsoft players and competition shooters prefer tactical pants for one main reason: a magazine pocket. Never run out of ammo if your magazine is securely stored on your trousers in a pocket specially designed for this purpose.
  • Handcuff Key Pockets: This type of pocket is a useful benefit for law enforcement, security and correctional officers. Key pockets are usually located either inside the leg cuffs or inside the waistband, ideal for discreet storage of keys.
  • Smartphone Pockets: As technology advances, tactical pants are emerging. Most of the styles denote a cell phone pocket designed for modern phones and multimedia devices.

tactical pants

  • Slant pockets: This design is recognizable by the signature slant top. This feature eliminates excess tissue for quick and efficient access.
  • Symmetrical Pockets: The symmetrical design of the pockets is ideal for both men and rare left-handers, with the same positioning of the pockets on both the right and left sides.
  • Knee Pad Pockets: Indispensable for operators, these pockets allow knee pads to be inserted to cushion joints during tense combat situations.

#2 Pocket Claps

While the pocket closure type may seem irrelevant to the average consumer, it can be a game changer for tactical professionals who must consider every detail.

Pocket Claps

  • Buttons. The most traditional and outdated type of fastener is buttons. The buttons, which were used on military uniforms retired in the 1980s, give a vintage look without much safety or comfort. As a result, this type of closure is no longer common.
  • Velcro fastener: the best choice for closing pockets due to its reliability. Not only does it keep items safe, but it can also be easily repaired when it starts to show its age. However, Velcro has one serious drawback – noise. The loud characteristic sound of the Velcro coming off makes access to the equipment noticeable. Regardless of your choice, look for brands like Prym (for buttons) and YKK (for zippers) to find better quality gear that is unlikely to break or rip.

Regardless of your choice, look for brands like Prym (for buttons) and YKK (for zippers) to find better quality gear that is unlikely to break or tear.

Covered Wearing (CCW) Manufacturers are well aware of the challenges associated with wearing concealed weapons and have come up with intelligent solutions. The fabrics are carefully selected so that there are no fingerprints of weapons through the material. Deep inside pockets also help conceal your weapon. When comparing tactical pants to other pants and jeans on the market, you will notice that the belt loops are slightly larger and wider. This extra fabric, combined with reinforced stitching, provides extra support for the weapon and holster.

Hidden designs allow you to move counterclockwise without drawing attention to yourself. They look just like regular pants, allowing you to wear them to meetings or walking around town without alerting anyone you may be carrying.

#3 Durability

Durability is important to any clothing shopper, but it becomes even more important to tactical pants shoppers. To get the most out of your pants, look for reinforced models:

  • Knees: Squat, crawl, and kneel without worrying about what happens to your pants. Many tactical pants have reinforced knees instead of or in addition to knee pad pockets.
  • Seat: Nothing ruins your day like ripping your pants in a place not normally reserved for the public. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is so common that tactical pants manufacturers have started adding extra stitching in the seat and crotch area for added durability.
  • Belt Loops: Pistols, holsters and service belts are not lightweight, but tactical pants are made to handle it. Special seams prevent belt loops from sagging and breaking under weight.

#4 Mobility

Tactical professionals have a job where every second counts. Your clothes shouldn’t get in the way of your peak performance. This is why tactical pants are designed with a focus on mobility.

  • Crotch Gusset;
  • Hinged Knees.

Most modern trousers have a gusset, an extra piece of fabric, usually triangular or diamond-shaped, that is sewn into the crotch. This extra fabric relieves tension in other areas of the pants and allows for quick mobility. The premium pants will have articulated knees. The shape is tailored to fit the seam, eliminating waste fabric for an ergonomic fit. This streamlined design provides a full range of motion.

Expanding Waistband Expandable Elastic Waist Note features such as an expandable or elastic expandable belt, which not only makes it easier to move, but also adds extra comfort on the road.

#5 Materials

You should always think about the fabric you will choose for your next pair. Choosing the right weight and flexibility will help you avoid overheating at high temperatures and prevent unpleasant chafing at the crotch. It is important to understand the nuances of weight, weave and fabric types in order to find the best clothing for your lifestyle and get the most out of your investment.

  • Ripstop Weave;
  • Twill Weave;
  • Weave: Ripstop is a fabric known for its durability. Correctly named, the checkerboard weave prevents tears and abrasions while maintaining the weight of the fabric. Twill is another popular weave known for its traditional look. Parallel diagonal ribs make the fabric heavier and more flexible. The textured design helps to minimize the appearance of stains and dirt. This fabric with a lot of threads is also wrinkle resistant.
  • Elasticity: The latest technology allows the elastic fabric to maintain its shape and integrity better than ever. Choose fabrics with blends of spandex, elastane or neoprene to give your pants the most movement.
  • 100% Cotton: Tactical cotton trousers have one important advantage – breathability. Cotton is an extremely breathable fabric perfect for keeping your feet fresh. However, the disadvantage is that cotton is more prone to shrinkage and wrinkling. It is also a heavier fabric, perfect for colder climates and seasons. Buy tactical pants made of 100% cotton.
  • Polyester Cotton Blends: A polyester blend won’t be as breathable as 100% cotton, but it makes up for it with durability. The addition of synthetic fabric makes the tactical pants more resistant to shrinkage, fading and wrinkling. Polyester and cotton blends are a popular choice for tactical clothing because they create a good compromise between the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Buy tactical pants made of polyester / cotton.
  • Blends of Nylon and Cotton: Like polyester, nylon is a popular choice of fabrics because it is lightweight, durable and has excellent wrinkle and shrink resistance. While polyester is known to dry quickly, nylon blends are softer and stronger. Buy tactical trousers made of nylon and cotton.
  • Fabric processing: Fabric processing can help you make the most of your garment. Many pants on the market have been treated to make them waterproof and stain resistant, which also helps to extend the life of the garment. In addition, it prevents the fabric from absorbing water, making the pants heavy, uncomfortable and less mobile.

Upon purchase, you’ll see titles like Durable Water Resistant (DWR) and DuPont Teflon. These are procedures that cover all the clothes, so the liquid rolls off. After many washes, the effect of these procedures will eventually begin to fade. If you’re willing to spend a little more, some of the more expensive options have water repellent treatments that are soaked into the fabric before it is woven. This will not only prolong the life, but also make the fabric softer and more comfortable.

  • Fabric Weight: Fabric weight on tactical pants ranges from 5 to 9 ounces per square foot. The very first tactical pants weighed slightly heavier, over 7 ounces. You can see these heavier pants marked “original weight” due to the original design of the tactical pants. With the development of fabric technology, lighter trousers began to appear on the market. Pants weighing less than 7 ounces are considered “lightweight” and are ideal for warm climates and seasons.

#6 Fit

  • Relaxed Fit: Relaxed fit trousers with a loose fit, roomy and casual, relaxed fit, ideal for people with a focus on comfort.
  • Slim Fit: Slim fit is not synonymous with skinny. These trousers are slim fit, instead they are cut close to the leg for an elegant yet functional look. Compared to the casual fit, the fitted cut looks more formal and fashionable.

Find Your Size: To find your correct size, you will need to know your waist and seam measurements. To determine your waist size, you need to measure it with a flexible sewing tape. Without inhaling or exhaling, wrap the measuring tape around your belly just below your belly button. Make sure it rests on your skin and is not twisted or upside down. We recommend that you stick your finger between the leather and the tape to prevent the pants from sitting too tight. Once the tape is wrapped around your waist, write down the number in centimeters that the metal tongue falls on. This will be your waist size.

To find your inseam, grab a pair of the most suitable pants. Lay them on a flat surface and fold them in half lengthwise, making sure the legs are aligned evenly and the creases are smoothed out. Raise the top leg and pull it over the waist to expose the inside seam. Find where the crotch seam meets the seam down the leg and measure to the hem of the leg. Keep in mind that most tactical pants will be slightly taller at the waist than your regular pants. This fit is designed to be used with belts and heavy equipment without pulling on your pants.

Some tactical pants may be larger or smaller than standard pants. If so, it will be indicated on the product page for your convenience.

Drawstrings: This is most often done with BDU trousers that are laced into boots for a clean, professional look. Also prevents dust, sand and insects from getting into your boots. Some models come with drawstrings, but you can also purchase elastic bands for tightening your pants separately.

History of Tactical Pants

History of Tactical Pants

The very first pair was designed by streetwear master Royal Robbins with the aim of serving as a multifunctional trousers for hiking and climbing. Years later, several Colorado FBI agents who were also avid climbers discovered that elastic pants could be used for more than just mountain climbing. They eventually made it to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Rumors spread like wildfire, and soon the tactical pants were adopted by law enforcement, first responders and security specialists. Thus, trousers, which were once used for leisure, have become one of the main players in the industry. As the popularity of tactical pants grew, so did their use. Operators began to wear them in the field. It wasn’t long before elite-level functionality became popular in outdoor sports such as shooting, airsoft, hiking, hunting and camping.